fDic is a free dictionary for crosswords. Dictionary are very compact (about 200 kbytes), thus using less than one byte per word. Dictionary are currently available for French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and more... (see dictionaries and download section). Dictionaries are built from ispell word lists.

fDic is fully integrated with MoCroix, crossword application by Patrice Bernard.

fDic is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL). Since version 1.1, it runs on devices running from PalmOS 2 up to PalmOS 5, and thanks to friendly beta testers, it has been tested on various PalmOS5 devices, including Treo.

fDic allow you to search for a word in a dictionary, knowing only some letters of the word.

- The ? will match any single letter
- the * , added at the end of the pattern, can be used for prefix search.
- The 0 button, on top of the screen will clear the input pattern.
- Page down / right arrow button gives the next results
- Page up / left arrow allows you to go back (only) one page.
- by taping on the bottom "[crossword]" label, you can change mode to anagrams (using 1 or 2 words), and to longest word.
tapping on the "é" toggles the uses of accents