Known bugs

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symPhonie 0.2.x

fixed (released)

  • [P2, fixed r52] in “receive call on box” mode, quitting while on line only hang up and does not quit
  • [P0, fixed r53/0.2.3] very important echo - that was not present before DTMF
  • [P0, fixed r54/0.2.4] crashes if audio config is changed during call (core audio do apparently some callback on new thread - pjmedia don’t like this)
  • [P3, fixed r54/0.2.4] hangup from dock menu not active
  • [P2, window deactivated for now] history is not implemented, but history window is enabled
  • [P2] audio level is actualy “ring” level in pref panel
  • [P1, fixed r55/0.2.5] input gain too low
  • [P2, fixed r55/0.2.5] does not works with freephonie wifi access
  • [P1, fixed r56/0.2.6] call from addressbook not working when “receive call on box”
  • [P0] audio output reported not to work on macbook pro : “numeric line output” get used whatever is selected in audio preferences. Probably apply to any configuration with several available output devices
  • [P1] VLC required at launched (caused by applescript script that pause vlc)

fixed (not released)

  • [P3] no volume/gain setting during call

to be fixed

  • [P0] reported but not reproduced: when already online, a new call preempt current call
  • [P1] password field taken into account only when exiting field with
  • [P1] audio connection is only made at hook off, thus inband tone, if any, are not available, and 1st second of voicecan be lost.
  • [P1] can crash on wakeup (to be investigated - macbook leopard, chax installed)
  • [P1] can crash on “pause apps” scripts (to be investigated)
  • [P2] some crash/spinlock to be investigated
  • [P2] SIP timeout is too long (e.g. on exit). Deregistered is attempt on exit even if registered failed (to be confirmed)
  • [P2] reported not to work with tele2 adsl access
  • [P2] localisation to be done (started)
  • [P2] audio quality reported to be lower than sjphone - to be investigated
  • [P2] call from AB if not launch : lauch app but do not call. idem if not registered
  • [P2] help to be done (started)
  • [P2] name resolution is blocking - with color wheel if dns reply is too long. CFHost functions should be used
  • [P3] clear state reflect essentially local information, and may be suppressed
  • [P3] still memory leak in libeXosip - transaction release in libexosip2 - should not affect user anyway
  • [probably not fixable] neither ring nor incoming call popup works when front row is launched (thus incoming call not seen)
  • [P3] audio setup change : device choice is not refreshed
  • [P3] VLC mute on call : actually toggles mute (vlc mute now removed)
  • [P3] 1st ring very slow : due to loading of core audio (seems ok with release version)
  • [P3] DTMF keys ABCD are useless

V0.1 - 0.2

  1. [20071110 not reproduced][20071111 reproduced with wengophone- due to free?] Audio input gets some “tchac-tchac” due to silence detection activation/deactivation in pjmedia
  2. [20071115 partial fix] clear in progress panel does not display name/phone
  3. phone can stay in clearing state (clearing state to be removed?) (not reproduced)
  4. [20071110 fixed] audio input needs more gain
  5. [20071129 fixed] cause of call reject or clearing is not displayed
  6. [20071129 partial fix] when changing password to a wrong password, sipPhone does not go to unregistered state
  7. [20071129 fixed] register error (typ. bad password), as well as lots of other error are not reported to user (e.g. user see that registered failed without having any information of failure cause)
  8. [20071115,r29 fixed though not perfect] icon need rework (not visible when using small icons in dock)
  9. [20071116 fixed] 1st entry of address book is always selected (seems to be an ABpeoplePickerView bug)
  10. no intensive tests performed
  11. [20071129 fixed] no memory leak checking performed (at least leaks in pjmedia, pool allocated never released)
  12. [20071110 fixed]preference panel should alway be in front of main win
  13. most preference setting are unused (no more true), only freephonie config is supported (test config added)
  14. [20071112 fixed] when going in sleep mode, sleep is delayed by 15s (delayed was not due to sipPhone. however, better handling of power based on IOkit)
  15. [20071111 reproduced with wengophone- due to free?] have quite strong echo (seems to comes from freephonie?)
  16. [20071112 fixed,untested]inactivity sleep should be deactivated when online
  17. [20071114,r28 fixed] does not deregister when quitting
  18. [20071114,r27 fixed] itunes/vlc/dvd pausing should be done in background (blocking operation that may be long)
  19. [20071125, on progress] convertion to intl phone number : 0 / +33 is hardcoded for now
  20. [20071129 fixed] crashes (NSAssert) if SIP init failed, eg if other sip client bound on 5060 is running
  21. [20071124 fixed] call (dial) button should not be enabled if no number selected
  22. [20071117, r39, fixed] AB plugin compiled for 10.5 only
  23. preference panel needs reordering
  24. [20071125 fixed] several bugs if registration failed: calling from AB will lock the application with popup “call” opened. If “receive call on mac” is not selected, goes to “offline state even if wrong password”
  25. [20071123 cannot be tested with free] accentuated characters in passwords probably not ok
  26. [fixed, to be checked] supported path/100rel in sip header duplicated
  27. [20071129 partial: now ok, but unreg retries too long] quit will hang if unregister failed
  28. locked on clearing screen when hanging a sip-to-sip (at least free to free) call
  29. [20071129 fixed] 403 is always interpreted as password failure
  30. [20071128 fixed] ab plugin : assert when dialing in “receive call on box” mode